Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The stink that never ends

I really am getting bored with the Durova stink and its mailing lists. But a roster of alleged members of the real sooper-sekrit mailing list has just been posted at Wikipedia Review. This is the supposed investigations list that was spun off from the cyberstalking list which Jimbo says he's a member of. Jimbo also says that he doesn't know anything about the investigations list.

Don't ask me if the roster of alleged members has any validity. The supposed roster would be a high-powered group, with ArbCom members, checkusers, a paid employee of the Wikimedia foundation, and other prominent admins.

The two mailing lists apparently do exist, as confirmed by Guy Chapman and others. WP admin Moreschi has described the investigations list in, let's say, florid terms. He's been slightly less florid about the cyberstalking list, and Jimbo says that list was mostly harmless. Who knows?

The investigations list may be the group that Durova sent her ridiculous "evidence" to. SlimVirgin just confirmed that the "evidence" was sent to the cyberstalking list. To top off all the silliness, there are now rumors of a third mailing list.

I give up. I'm laughing too hard at all this paranoia, middle-school cliquishness, and Sherlock-wannabe-ism. If any of these asinine lists are investigating me, I'm flattered. Sadly, I doubt they even know who I am.

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