Saturday, November 24, 2007

Durova bulldoza III

It was inevitable. Durova is going to ArbCom. No, she hasn't been elected. She's going the way you don't want to go, as the subject of a case.

I'm starting to sympathize more than a little with Durova. Yes, I've been nasty to her on this blog, and she deserves at least a little ribbing for her delusions of investigative grandeur. But when you honestly think you're Sherlock Holmes, and the world suddenly and very publicly discovers you're Inspector Clouseau, it's got to hurt.

My opinion on the case is summed up well by Doc's first paragraph. Durova's been humiliated enough, and she'll never be able to block anybody again except on the most ironclad evidence. So why proceed further?

I'm very uncomfortable with Doc's second paragraph, though. That sooper-sekrit "evidence" of Durova's should have been leaked. If Giano gets the ax because he published the painful but necessary document, a lot of people will be very justifiably p.o.ed. Unfortunately, Jimbo is threatening exactly that. Giano has been one of the encyclopedia's very best contributors, far more valuable than the "sleuths" checking beneath every bed for sockpuppets and Satan.

My guess (or maybe hope) is that the case, after nearly infinite hoohah and hubbub, will peter out to not much. Giano and Durova will both get a talking-to but no real punishment. Everybody will be told to get back to work on articles. Hey, I never stopped working.

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