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Another article too awful for Wikipedia

This is getting to be fun. I can thumb my nose at the deletionists by posting deleted articles here. This time it's an entry on Gabriela Pachia, a Romanian poet and translator. She's rendered some of her stuff into English, and it's really not that bad, especially compared to most modern poetry. (My long-ago Latin classes also enabled me to decipher a little of the Romanian versions.) She has published widely, but the damn deletionists run Wikipedia nowadays. So her article looks like it's going away.

But the deletionists don't run this blog, so the article will live peacefully on Google's servers. It's very, very nice that the jerk deletionists don't run Google. The entry:

Gabriela Pachia (born June 16, 1955) is a Romanian poet, essayist, literary critic and translator.

Life and career

Born in Timişoara, Pachia graduated from the faculty of Philology-History at the University of Timişoara (chief graduate in 1978, after receiving a scholarship in the UK, 1976). She taught English with a "first degree" in 1990 with the thesis on "The Triontic Approach to the Literary Character in the Romanian and American Contemporary Novel." She has taught in secondary and high schools (Secondary School No. 21 in Timişoara, The C. D. Loga National High School in Timişoara) and at the university level (1990 – 1993, as a lecturer in English Literature at the Faculty of Philology, in the West University of Timişoara). At present she teaches English at the Banat National High School in Timişoara. She is also a member of the editorial board of Anuarul de martie. She was awarded the "Gheorghe Lazăr Diploma" (2007) for her teaching, as well as the International Writer Certificate for Excellence by the Directory of International Writers on August 29, 1991. Her publication debut was in the review Orizont (Timişoara, The Romanian Writers' Union), XL, no. 13 (1152), March 31, 1989, p. 11 (poems).

She has contributed original poems and studies on the history and theory of literature, along with translations of poetry (Romanian and English), in a number of literary reviews: Albatrosul nisipurilor (Bechet), Anuarul de martie (Timişoara), Caietele Dacoromâniei (Timişoara), Caietele/Les Cahiers/Notebooks Tristan Tzara (Moineşti), Gracious Light (New York City), Logaritm (Timişoara), Lumina (Novi Sad), Orient latin (Timişoara), Orizont (Timişoara), Poezia (Iasi), Rostirea românească (Timişoara), Timşah (Timişoara), and the web-reviews Agero (Stuttgart - and Noi, Nu! (

Critical commentary

"By means of her bilingual Antologii Loga de poezie românească – I – Ars poetica / The Loga Anthologies of Romanian Poetry – I – Ars Poetica, Gabriela Pachia finds the solution for twin problems of the lyrical thesaurus – the former concerns a fairer and larger circuit of the Romanian lyric poetry in the universal sight of the Logos, by an impeccable translation into English, a language admirably mastered by Gabriela Pachia, who perfected her studies in the UK as well; the latter refers to the didactic desideratum of achieving operational thematic anthologies, as in the case of the present "ars poetica", the anthology authoress investigating the 19th and the 20th centuries, from George Coşbuc (1866 – 1918), with his 1892 poem, The Poet and the Critic, to Ion Pachia Tatomirescu (b. 1947), the author of the striking paradoxist poem (dating from November 10, 1983), On the Condition of the Planetary Poem. Nevertheless, "the nucleus" of the anthology is not represented by the inter-war generation of Tudor Arghezi (Mouldy Flowers) or Lucian Blaga (I Do Not Crush the World's Corolla of Wonders), but by the impressive generation of poetic resurrection from 1965 to 1970, whose landmark poets are: Ion Miloş (b. 1930 / Poesia non muori), Petre Stoica (b. 1931 – A Casket of Snakes), Nichita Stănescu (1933 – 1983 / Ars Poetica), Anghel Dumbrăveanu (b. 1933 – Under the Glass of Several Words), Grigore Vieru (b. 1935 – The Harp), Marin Sorescu (1936 – 1996 / Burglars), Ioanid Romanescu (1937 – 1996 / To the Minister of Poetry), Cezar Ivănescu (b. 1941), Ana Blandiana (b. 1942), and Marius Robescu (1943 – 1985)."
Ioan Cârssia, Arte poetice, in Rostirea Românească, anul X, no. 7-8-9 / 10-11-12, July-August-September / October-November-December, 2004, p. 111.


Prizonier in fier / A Shackled Prisonnière, poems (bilingual edition: Romanian-English, the author's English version), Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 2007

Antologiile Loga de poezie românească / The Loga Anthologies of Romanian Poetry, Vol. I, Ars Poetica (Editor and translator into English), Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 2003

Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, Despre fructul curcubeului / On the Fruit of the Rainbow, Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 2007 (Poetry, English version by Gabriela Pachia)

Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, Salmi – pentru "Premiul Nobel" al rândunicilor / Salmes pour "Prix Nobel" des hirondelles / Salms for "the Nobel Prize" of the Swallows / Salms für "den Nobel Preis" der Schwalben, Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 2000 (English version by Gabriela Pachia)

Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, Regalianus' Dacoromania / Dacoromânia lui Regalian – The Independent State of Dacoromania (258 – 270), Founded by Regalianus, the Great Grandson of the Hero-King Decebalus, Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 1998 (English version by Gabriela Pachia)

Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, The Tale of the Emperor in the Azure Mountains / Împăratul din Munţii de Azur, Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 1996 (English version by Gabriela Pachia)

Ion Pachia Tatomirescu, Mihai Eminescu şi mitul etnogenezei dacoromâneşti, Timişoara, Aethicus Publishing House, 1996 (English version by Gabriela Pachia)

External links

Poems by Gabriela Pachia in ''Noi, Nu!'' – Romanian with English translations

Review of Prizonier în Fier in Romanian, with selected poems by Gabriela Pachia in Romanian and English

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Again, just a horrible article, no? Wikipedia can find space for 88 gazillion articles on Pokemon, but not one brief article on a serious poet and critic. Oh well, the lousy deletionists can't touch the article here.

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Whatever 'fundelepaedia', or is it 'funlipidia', you might run for the time being, you obviously cannot do any service to the Romanian culture, while we, the preservers of this 'more-than-Latin language, can and will... 'Wiki-wiki' must go on, Mihai Eminescu and the like must shine on...
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