Saturday, November 3, 2007

Drama never ends

SlimVirgin, blogged about previously, has returned to editing. Sure enough, her enemies - in particular, Judd Bagley of - are pledging more attacks. At Wikipedia Review Bagley has posted details of what looks to be inconsequential sockpuppetry by SV. He promises redder meat at, his personal anti-Slim site.

Will anything come of this? Not unless it gets into the mainstream media. Right now the unmistakable mustiness of stale conspiracy theory hangs about the Slim-bashing by Bagley, Daniel Brandt and others. Slate offered a brief mention of the main allegation: SV had/has connections with intelligence agencies, who are using her entrée into the highest circles of Wikipedia poobah-dom to influence sensitive articles on the encyclopedia.

Is the allegation true? I have no earthly idea. But WP poobahs are banning, blocking and censoring with a BADSITES vengeance anybody who breathes a word of this allegation anywhere close to the site. I wouldn't put this entry on the site myself, and I'm a blissfully uninvolved skeptic on the whole issue.

The loopiest conspiracy theory from Wikipedia Review is that SV's month-long absence from editing was some kind of behind-the-scenes punishment by Jimbo. I really don't buy this one, and even WR itself alleged that Slim was editing under other accounts over the last few weeks.

The nightmare scenario: the conspiracy theory proves true and mainstream media - especially the left-wingers who predominate there - pick up the story. Spymasters use agent to influence Wikipedia.

This would make Seigenthaler and Essjay look like teensy-weensy potatoes. Patrick Byrne, CEO of and another SV enemy, recently muttered that reporters are already working the story. I don't know if I believe him. I sure don't want to believe him.

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