Sunday, November 25, 2007

List mania

I'm trying hard not to get obsessed with Durova's ArbCom case. But sometimes obsession is difficult to resist. The latest conniption fit is over the sooper-sekrit "list" mentioned in Durova's ridiculous "evidence" against !!, the very good editor she banned.

I thought the list was just a group of BADSITES supporters who really didn't do anything in concert. Oh, woefully naive me. This hush-hush mailing list apparently includes some of the most powerful people on Wikipedia, according to information from an admin named Moreschi. Or maybe there are two lists, with overlapping membership. Moreschi's information has been confirmed by our old friend Guy Chapman, who admits to being a member at least one of the lists.

And apparently these lists aren't just devoted to fun and frivolity. I'm really trying hard not to sound freaked. But some other editors are wondering out loud if they've been targeted by the list(s) for their opposition to BADSITES.

Is there any fire behind this admittedly foul-smelling smoke? Let's hope not. But if a banhammer falls on my BADSITES-opposing head one day, at least I will have some idea where it came from. And this blog probably doesn't help my case with the list(s), if they know or care about me at all.

Jeez louise, I hate sounding paranoid and I really hate being paranoid. Ah, fuhgetaboutit and just edit some articles. I've never been blocked or even warned and I'm not going to start trembling now.

By the way, the folks at Wikipedia Review are turning cartwheels over this stuff, which appears to confirm all their paranoid comments about the Evil Wikipedia Cabal. I'm glad somebody's getting their jollies from this mess.

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