Friday, November 23, 2007

Durova bulldoza II

The Durova drama has reached new heights of entertainment. I wish WP offered such fun every day.

One of Durova's non-fans has published the "secret evidence" she used to drop the banhammer on !! Her comments are unintentionally hilarious for their paranoid, self-important, hush-hush style - even Walter Mitty didn't sound this silly, and Thurber was trying to make him sound silly. By any reasonable and some unreasonable standards, Durova's "evidence" is pathetic. With this garbage, you could convict anybody who edited for a while under an IP address and learned about Wikipedia before registering a user name. My first edit had an edit summary. So ban me! Though I don't know German.

And, as I expected, one of Durova's fans has deleted the "evidence" from Wikipedia because it's so embarrassing for her. By the way, I posted about that fan, Guy Chapman, a while back on this blog. At least the "evidence" will survive on Guy's favorite hate-object, Wikipedia Review. Another enforcer named Cary Bass - a paid bureaucrat of the Wikimedia foundation and boy, do we need more of them - has threatened the banhammer to anybody who reposts the "evidence." Sorry, Cary, the cat is out of the bag and wandering free at Wikipedia Review, a site fortunately beyond the control of the almighty foundation.

Wikipedia Review has been the main target of the BADSITES crowd, a.k.a. the mysterious "list" in Durova's laughable "evidence". The BADSITERS insist that WR is completely unreliable and silly and stupid and not worth anybody's notice...but then they flatter the site by organizing Brigades of the Righteous to fight it. They sure are acting as if Wikipedia Review is one of the most important sites on the web.

The WR-ites are gratefully accepting all this flattery. Wikipedia Review has an Alexa ranking somewhere around this blog's, so they crave such attention. The BADSITERS seemed determined to get WR into the top ten on Alexa.

Maybe the most interesting question is how Durova's goofball "evidence" leaked in the first place. Somebody sent the high-larious document to her adversaries on Wikipedia. The mystery might remain WP's equivalent of Watergate's Deep Throat silliness.

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