Monday, October 1, 2007

Kelly Martin

Wouldn't you know. Just after I write that Wikipedia admins have to get blasted out of the job with a tactical nuke, one of the blastees shows up to try to get her adminship back. Kelly Martin is seeking adminship once again.

You might call Kelly controversial. You might call the sun hot. Kelly has managed to p.o. countless editors on Wikipedia, who are now lining up to deep-six her request for adminship. The RfA (Wikipedia specializes in these cutesy acronyms, and I use them too damn much myself) stands no chance, of course. Which is good, because giving Kelly Martin the power to block people and delete their stuff is not the greatest idea.

Kelly runs a blog where she waxes indignant over various Wikipedia personalities, policies, software glitches and dandruff flakes. The latest blog entry, as I write, is about how unfair her request for adminship is becoming. Obviously, she could have saved herself the trouble, but Kelly likes trouble because it gives her something to wax about.

Wikipedia Review, one of the anti-Wikipedia whine sites, used to trash Kelly all the time. Lately, Kelly has started a feud with WP admin SlimVirgin, an even more favorite hate-object on Wikipedia Review. So the site is actually warming towards Kelly, which isn't going to do her reputation on Wikipedia any good.

Kelly once held all sorts of important positions on Wikipedia beyond simple adminship. It's not surprising that she wants a return to the glory days. I'd advise Kelly to stick to her software work for the encyclopedia, which she apparently does quite well. But my advice is worth exactly what it costs.

UPDATE: Kelly's request for adminship got the plug pulled. Of course, this decision generated more unintentionally hilarious argument. Wikipedia is a funny place, in an unintentional sort of way.

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