Monday, October 22, 2007

From scratch and elsewhere

It's been a while since I wrote a WP article from scratch. When I first started as a mostly anonymous nerd in 2005, I created lots of articles about Henry James' works. I also wrote various articles on baseball, highways, and other riffraff from only the blank page WP gives you for a new entry. It was sort of like writing this blog, where you get only an empty box and no particularly helpful instructions on filling it in.

Maybe I've gotten lazy in my WP old age. Now I almost always work only on articles that already meet a reasonably high standard. That's what I like about the wikify list. The articles on the list aren't in hopeless shape. They just need a little work, which is all the work I fell like putting into Wikipedia any more.

Burnout? Could be getting close. I found myself in a shouting match on the talk page for the Criticism of Wikipedia article. All right, "shouting match" is a little strong, but the argument was still more heated than I like.

Seems that censors are ripping out every mention of Wikipedia Review, a harmless whine site about Wikipedia that sometimes offers useful and valid criticism of the encyclopedia. I should just keep things in perspective and let the censors rip. I can still read WR whenever I want. But I've allowed the idiotic censorship to bug me. One admin in particular is scouring many links to WR from Wikipedia. The site has retaliated with giggles about the admin's editing of articles on porn stars.

Such silliness would never have concerned me before. I would have gone on editing articles about my areas of interest and ignored all the nonsensical wikidrama. Maybe I should start writing articles from scratch again. There are still lots of Henry James stories that need entries, and even a few highways remain article-less.

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