Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep those cards and letters coming

My user talk page is pretty sleepy compared to many others on Wikipedia. Read Jimbo's talk page for a perpetual yellfest. Maybe I'm not doing enough to p.o. other editors. And I'm trying so hard! Still, enough complaints have rolled over the electronic doormat to fill several archives.

Not everybody writes to whine. I once got a very large flower (okay, a very large picture of a flower) for removing some goofball hoax articles from the encyclopedia. And most of my tag-team partners on the talk page have been cordial even when they disagreed. The orange bar announcing that I've received a new talk page message is usually a pleasant change from the monotony of editing article after article.

The latest note on my talk page, for instance, was an excruciatingly polite discussion about, of all people and things, Lee Harvey Oswald. I'm still not comfortable with the "alleged" in front of "assassin" for Oswald, but the quibble wasn't worth fighting over. Which is why most of my talk page disputes die quickly. I just don't want to holler back-and-forth for very long.

Makes for a boring talk page...and for significantly lower blood pressure.

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